Wood Industry

Machinery for companies supplying chipboard, MDF, plywood, and saw lines as well as for those providing woodyard systems for pulp and paper plants.

Mining and Construction Industry

Production lines and machinery with parts for mechanical engineering companies supplying services for the mining and construction industry.

Environment technology

Machinery and equipment with parts for companies supplying products for land improvement, purification of water, and environmentally friendly energy production.

Energy technology

Makron is a partner for companies providing machinery, equipment, and parts for the energy industry.

Makron - Superior Supplier of Industrial Machinery

Makron is a networking supplier of complete systems, and the business of the company is based on close co-operation with long-term customers and networking partners.

Makron supplies its customers - leading export companies in the medium and heavy machinery industry - with superiority by supplying demanding machinery and parts with quality, efficiency, and flexibility while committing itself to continuously developing and improving performance.

global service concept



Makron serves its customers in Finland and in Estonia. Based on the customer’s standard drawings, Makron designs project-specific versions of machinery and creates manufacturing drawings of them. This saves time and allows the customer to benefit from Makron’s entire manufacturing expertise from the design stage.



Makron manufactures machinery and related spare parts in Finland, Estonia and Belarus. In addition to manufacturing, we store, pack, and dispatch spare parts at the customer’s request.



At the customer’s request, Makron can manufacture machinery complete with electrification. Together with its partner, Makron also manufactures control and motor cabinets and takes care of programming and commissioning.



Working in close cooperation with its partner, who specialises in installations and maintenance, Makron’s experienced assembly and project staff can take care of even large-scale installation sites worldwide.